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Implecho Team

Our Team Members

Alan Ruffell Headshot
Alan Ruffell
  • Product Manager
  • TourGuide Solutions
Amanda Steinhauer Headshot
Amanda Steinhauer
  • Customer Rental Specialist
  • TourGuide Rentals
Rob Zychowski Headshot
Rob Zychowski
  • Product Manager
  • RealWear Assisted Reality
Bridget Pedersen Headshot
Bridget Pedersen
  • Director
  • Implecho
Sam Friederick Headshot
Sam Friederick
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Implecho
Liz Darling Headshot
Liz Darling
  • Customer Growth Specialist
  • Implecho
Marisela Jaimes Perez
  • Rental Coordinator
  • Rhino Communication Rentals
Ted Kiel Headshot
Ted Kiel
  • Customer Fulfillment Manager
  • Implecho
Kristyn Sobczak
  • Customer Fulfillment Specialist
  • Implecho
Heather Cramer Headshot
Heather Cramer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Implecho
Katie Miner
  • Director of Finance
  • OwnersEdge
Emilie Poehlmann Headshot
Emilie Poehlmann
  • Human Resources Manager
  • OwnersEdge
Mark Wild Headshot
Mark Wild
  • Executive Vice President
  • OwnersEdge
Lisa Reardon Headshot
Lisa Reardon
  • CEO & Chairman
  • OwnersEdge
Chris Adee Headshot
Chris Adee
  • CFO
  • OwnersEdge
Lynnette Fritz Headshot
Lynnette Fritz
  • CHRO
  • OwnersEdge
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Implecho is a cohesive team of audio and communications problem solvers that currently consists of TourGuide Solutions and Rhino Communication Rentals. We are 100% employee-owned and an OwnersEdge Company headquartered in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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