Implecho – TourGuide Solutions Hybrid Experience

ListenTALK and RealWear integration assists organizations in hosting tours, training sessions and facility walkthroughs.

Implecho Application - Hybrid Presentations

The Challenge: Organizations continue to experience budget, time and travel constraints when hosting live tour, training sessions or facility walkthrough experiences.

The Solution: Create a hybrid experience for in-person and remote guests with the ListenTalk two-way communications system and the RealWear HMT-1 rugged, industrial-strength wearable tablet.

The Result:

  • Provides a live stream for remote audiences to view tours, training sessions or facility walkthroughs in real-time.
  • Increase participation with guests that may have time or travel constraints.
  • Ability to extend message to virtual guests to achieve buy-in or approvals.

Use Cases:

  • Facility Tours
  • Training Programs
  • Hybrid Events
  • Quality Control or Inspections
  • Audits

How it Works:

  • Select your presenter or a secondary person on your team to be the visual guide for your remote guests.
  • Connect a RealWear device with a line-in audio cable to your ListenTALK transceiver.
  • Allow your remote guests to hear the tour guide and participate in full group discussions.

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