Flexible Fleet Rental Services Designed for Scalability

Delivering the Right Technology On Site and On Budget

Never a More Important Time to Be Flexible with Expanding Implecho Rental Solutions

Speed of Technology meets Market Demand

At Implecho, we’re listening to our customers and adapting to rapidly changing markets. Access to technology and specialty equipment right now is critical to maximizing productivity and quickly capitalizing on new opportunities. At the same time, having the option to scale back inventory is crucial to protecting your bottom line in today’s business environment.

Our new Flexible Fleet rental program is a total solution.

Flexible Fleet is designed to give you more flexibility when it comes to getting your hands on the audio equipment you need, when you need it. And only pay for what you use.

Here’s How It Works: With Flexible Fleet, you can rent equipment for multiple sites or jobs with just one email or phone call. Your dedicated Implecho account manager will work with you to build a rental plan based on your unique requirements and goals. You can even customize your rental package based on specific safety, technology, and location needs. Ongoing rentals are easy from then on. Renting is a great way to add capacity to your operations or test new technology without any commitment to buy. Scale up or ramp down the equipment you’re renting and only pay for what you use.

With the largest inventory mix in North America, we are ready to ensure that you and your team have access to the right technology when needed. Your Personalized Account Portal provides up-to-date visibility into cost and location data for all of your rentals across any number of sites. We understand that technology needs evolve over time for your jobsites. Flexible Fleet is the easy way to rent the latest communication equipment for short-term or long-term use in multiple locations across the country (or beyond!). You have the option of renting just what you need on each specific jobsite or project, even if the location changes and equipment needs increase or decrease over time. Try Flexible Fleet and rent any combination of our most popular audio communication products including:

Technology Available for Rent  

Tour Guide Systems

ListenTALK • Sennheiser 2020 • TGS-900 • Digi-wave • CrewPlex
Two-way radios Motorola CP200D • MOTOTRBO XPR 3000-7000 • Wave TLK 100 
Mobile Hotspot Devices Verizon Hotspots with Business Unlimited Plans   
Assisted Reality (aR) headsets RealWear Navigator 500, Hands-free Wearable Tablet  
Full-Duplex Communications CrewPlex Audio Headset Solutions   

Implecho is responding to market conditions and our customers’ needs with these innovations in real-time flexibility, equipment tracking, pay-as-you-go rentals, and a massive inventory and dedicated support team to handle it all for you. This is Flexible Fleet ­– the smart approach to delivering technology on site and on budget.

Contact your Implecho representative for a quote. Experience the difference with our Implechoble Service. Our team can help advise and deliver quickly with repeatable quality. Contact your Implecho representative to learn more.

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