Effective Training Today Uses Audio Technology

Implecho is exhibiting at AME 2022 in Dallas, October 17-20. Stop by Booth 811 to learn more about introducing an audio communication system to enhance safety.


Manufacturers are onboarding new employees at a higher rate than ever before. At the same time, an entire generation of skilled workers is retiring. The result: a growing knowledge gap that requires effective training solutions and new ways to connect with a diverse next-generation workforce.   Implecho lives and breathes audio solutions for training and diverse audiences. Every brand under the Implecho umbrella is meant to help our customers train large groups (even hundreds of employees at once), communicate with multilingual team members, connect remote and multifacility employees, and be inclusive to hearing impaired needs. Not to mention overcoming noise issues with crisp, clear sound performance in even the loudest manufacturing environments.

Demo the latest lightweight, easy-to-operate audio training systems that make training more effective, despite today’s challenges.  At the 2022 Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Conference in Dallas, visit the Implecho booth and product experts will offer on-site demos of wireless communication systems:

  • ListenTALK for two-way communications, facility tours, assistive listening and interpretation.
  • CrewPlex for smaller work crews or maintenance teams that require continuous, noise-cancelling communications.
  • RealWear Assisted Reality for connected workers and digitizing processes in the field that benefit from hands-free wearable solutions.
  • Two-Way Radio Rental to assist with radio management, safety and scaling evolving communications needs.

If training is your priority, Implecho is your audio technology partner. AME Members and 2022 Conference attendees can get exclusive offers on purchase and rental systems.  Or, stop by the booth to schedule a demo kit to be shipped to your facility at no cost, so you can put our audio communications solutions to the test.   Don’t forget to ask about Flexible Fleet custom rental packages to assist with short-term technology needs or flexing equipment between multiple sites. See you at the show.

Implecho is a cohesive team of audio and communications problem solvers that currently consists of TourGuide Solutions and Rhino Communication Rentals. We are 100% employee-owned and an OwnersEdge Company headquartered in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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