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Retail, Warehouse & Fulfillment


Retail, E-commerce & Fulfillment Centers

Retail, e-commerce warehouses and fulfillment centers continue to look for ways to solve communications challenges to achieve employee safety and scale efficiently. Implecho is uniquely specialized in providing you with industry-specific technology and services for a variety of applications. Whether you are in-person, e-commerce or somewhere in between, it is our commitment to assist you in the selection of the right tech for right now.

Retail Seasonality

You need your communications to be reliable with remote hands-free collaboration; helping you increase efficiency, safety, and guest experience. Connect your teams onsite or extend your 2-way radio fleet during peak shopping seasons with Rhino Two-Way Radio Rentals. Connect your offsite or warehouse picking teams with RealWear wearables.

Employee Training & Course Instruction

Many training programs are rethinking how they scale to the predicted growth and anticipated workforce challenges. The use of a two-way tour guide system can be configured to support audio for on-the-job training and certification programs in a wide variety of environments. The use of tour headsets has proven to be effective with the world’s most successful organizations to assist with information retention, language interpretation, and maintain the high standards of safety and OSHA requirements for hearing protection, COVID-related guidelines, and hard hat integration.

Off-site virtual training, remote mentor and digital workflow initiatives can also be accomplished with our rugged RealWear assisted reality wearable. It allows you to streamline remote training opportunities and overcome costly delays or hurdles with easy access to people and information.

Management Walkthroughs, Site Visits & Tours

Taking your presentation on the move for a daily walkthrough or special event tour takes the right technology and coordination to align to your objectives. TourGuide Solutions offer a range of one-way and two-way tour headsets to communicate your message safely and with clarity. Our knowledgeable experts can support you with the selection and demonstration process to solve communication challenges depending on your environment, background noise, language interpretation needs, and any unique requirements. We’ve seen it all!

Let's Solve Your Communication Challenges

For events, open houses, or short-term projects, consider renting a professional tour guide system, RealWear wearable, or Rhino two-way radios to deliver your message with clarity. Ask us how you can take communications to the next level of quality and safety!

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