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Fair & Festivals Communication Experts

Communicate on-the-move and maximize efficiency with digital, long-range wireless two-way radio systems, repeaters, and Wi-Fi mesh systems.

Many fairs and festivals are tasked with managing fluctuating communications challenges with multiple teams, vendors, venues, and safety requirements. Implecho’s Rhino Communication Rentals is uniquely specialized in providing industry-specific technology and services. We have yet to meet an event we couldn’t handle – from the largest Minnesota State Fair to a series of local events.

Fairs, Festivals & Event Operation Logistics

Supporting event crews and logistics at your event takes an army of detail-oriented communications. Entertainment, production, security, and event logistics teams need to communicate to make an event successful, provide a safe environment, and increase your attendee experience. Push-to-talk two-way radios from Rhino Radio Communication Rentals help you to provide scalable, reliable communication for your events.

Offering a step above the competition with 2-way radio and repeater rentals that are clean, tested for excellence, and delivered in as quick as 24 hours. Be prepared to succeed with your Rhino team behind you ― every rental includes programming, FCC licensing, specialty accessories and extra batteries for your fleet.

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Are you looking to find out how we can help improve your service or integrate your public safety radios? Through real-world experience and unmatched product knowledge, our team is uniquely specialized in solving event-specific communication challenges. We’re audio and communication technology experts.

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