Implecho announces the launch of CrewPlex, a hands-free, full-duplex audio communications solution to help work crews continuously connect in environments where noise, distance, and task complexity can affect safety and productivity.

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Benefits of full-duplex communication

Crewplex and Implecho extend the benefits of full-duplex communication into the industrial space, providing rugged devices paired with headset options and firmware that allow continuous hands-free communication with noise cancellation. Crews can also integrate the full-duplex technology with two-way radios for multi-site communication.

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Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Solutions for any team or crew to communicate in environments where noise and distance are often barriers to successful communication.


CrewPlex DR10

Rugged and durable, the DR10 is for critical workplace communication.

Up to 10 full-duplex users
2 channels of intercom
Options for unlimited listeners


CrewPlex DR5

For small to medium-size teams, communication is at its simplest with the DR5.

Up to 5 full-duplex users
Options for unlimited listeners


Flexible Clip-on Wireless Pack

The MR10’s flexible clip-on design easily attaches to most hard hat styles.

Up to 10 full-duplex users
2 channels of intercom
Options for unlimited listeners

No Basestation

Increase Mobility

Unlimited Listeners

Scalable for Large Groups

Two-Way Integration

Extend Your Radio System

Excellent Range

Allow Talk Groups Up to 1000ft

Two Talk Channels

Ability for Multiple Groups

Easy Setup & Use

Flexible in Various Environments

Hands-free, full-duplex communication

As an authorized reseller of CrewPlex technology, Implecho offers this hands-free, full-duplex communication as a scalable solution for purchase or rental. Full-duplex communication gives work crews, large and small, the ability to communicate continuously in real-time, without delay and without the push of a button.

Align to Your Industry & Application

Industrial Manufacturing

Construction & Utilities

Public Works

Mobile Crews

Flexible Configurations

Customer support with technology selection

Proven setup for specific applications

Scalable, small-to-large work crews

Two-way radio integration

Onboarding Options

Purchasing options

Rent by the day or week

Long-term flexible fleet options

Add-on as you need


We’re ready when you are with equipment in stock for purchase or rental. Our team can help you with selection and onboarding to align to the right tech for right now.

Implechoble Support

Implecho will assist customers in selecting the right CrewPlex system configuration for their job sites and crew sizes. Purchase and rental options are available, and Rhino Communication Rental customers can add CrewPlex devices as an add-on.

To request a pre-configured system, customers can visit the Implecho Online Catalog or work with a dedicated representative to demo and build a custom system.

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