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Sporting & Event Crew Logistics

Supporting event crews and logistics at your school’s sporting event goes beyond the teams playing on the field. Concessions, medical staff, entertainment, production, security, coaches, and athletic department staff need to communicate to bring home the win, provide a safe environment and increase your fan base. Push-to-talk two-way radios from Rhino Radio Communications Rentals help you to provide scalable, reliable communication for your athletic season.

Offering a step above the competition with all-digital radios that are clean, tested for excellence, and delivered in as quick as 24 hours. Be prepared to win with your Rhino team behind you ― every rental includes programming, FCC licensing, specialty accessories and extra batteries for your fleet.

Course Instruction & Campus Tours

The best way to educate is to get creative in the delivery. Consider using lightweight audio headsets to teach an outdoor lab, present where audio is a challenge, or attract new students on your campus tour. Many universities, technical colleges, and K-12 educators see results with using the latest tour guide systems to present their message.

  • Select 1-way audio communications for your traditional tours.
  • Encourage interaction with 2-way audio communications systems, such as ListenTALK.
  • Ask for ADA-compliant options or assistance with social distancing setup.
Still Virtual?

Consider RealWear assisted reality for trade courses, such as automation, welding, and cosmetology, to provide students with a live stream demo. Ensuring the instructor is safely presenting hands-free and engaging students along the way.

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